We have learned to navigate our lives using society's, our culture's and ancestor's map. Along the way we have agreed to many collective roadblocks and STOP signs. A big portion of our lives are lived on auto pilot and when we do try to break free from all limitations, we use mind maps and mindfulness.

How about exploring a new sense map? Our individual roadmap for life. 



Our innate wisdom and knowingness has the ability to guide us through all challenges. We just need to slow down and give voice to the navigator inside;


Are you ready to create your own roadmap to a life in freedom?
Are you ready to create new pathways of inspiration?
Are you ready to explore your senses...
and become your own sense navigator?



2018 "(Wel)come to your senses"

Welcome to your senses! is a bimonthly programme with fun workshop segments diving into a new reality. A sense is a way of perceiving reality and while there are far more than a hundred, we have learned to exist in only the 5 human senses. 

We will be opening up to the reality of 6 senses over the coming year, starting in February. 

Once every two months we will come together in a 2 hour Zoom-Webinar and tap into another sense, opening up to new dimensions of our reality. On top of that you will receive impulses to ground the experience in your everyday life.

The year will be wrapped up in early December 2018 with an (optional) in person weekend fun-workshop and a sensual celebration of our journey. 

This programme is for you if you take full self responsibility and you wish to live a more colourful life. Expect magic! 

Throughout the course Sandra can assist you with extra one on one sessions, if you so choose.

Your self investment EUR 399  


February 5th, April 2nd, June 4th, August 6th, October 1st, December 3rd
(Information about the optional 2 day in person wrap up celebration in December 2018 will follow) 

Limited number of spaces! To ensure a safe space and intimate experience, the group size is limited to 6 participants.

To book your space, contact me.


One on one coaching

Price varies. Package deals 

In a gentle one-on-one private session over zoom or in person we take a look what your human aspects and body need in order to work together with ease and grace. A package deal always includes a small number of regular meetings to speak about the progress, transformational one on one sessions, and essential “homework”. 


Energetic Body Work

Package deals available. 

Single session EUR 130 per hour

During our session I connect with your energetic body and higher self to show me where any blockades or stuck energy is located. Through a very gentle process I facilitate a space for your energetic body to release and re-balance itself. 

For the best result a one on one consultation is essential. Wether this means you come to the SenseNavigator Studio in Naarden/Holland, or we work closely over distance. Energy is not tied to our time/space structure, which makes it easy to balance it out even if we don’t share the same physical space. My work is always customised to your needs and goals, your road to self realisation is highly individual.


Retreats, Workshops, Seminars, Team Support

You can book my services and together we create your customised event. Over the past 15 years I have organised various gatherings. From silent retreats, passion workshops, meditation groups, team incentives to motivational seminars, etc.

Let's connect for a free talk to see what suits you and your group or team best.


"Sandra helped me navigate through a very dark period and she did this with great clarity, compassion and kindness. She made herself available for me whenever I needed her which was so important in these period of feeling totaly lost. Thank you very much Sandra" 

"I had such a wonderful session with Sandra today and I feel that she is a true <<<radiator>>> in and of the new energy. I felt so much presence behind words and so much compassion. It was so easy to open up to her and so natural to also step into the wisdom of my own essence. As I allowed myself to have no expectations and showed-up, it was her beautiful presence and being-ness that communicated with no words. I do feel that the best facilitation happens when we open up to our own connection and allow Soul in, AND/but it is such a gift to be able to also receive, share freely and feel into your own potentials with someone like Sandra, after you have made the connection to yourself your nb. 1 :) In gratitude."

"Beautiful experience!!!
When I thought that I know, or that I am already everything, with all those workshops, energy schools, books, but still so difficult to move on in some things... but then this small part is discovered... waw. Thank you Sandra , very happy to know you." 

"I can hardly put into words what happened during and in between the two sessions with Sandra Roggermann - simply amazing. So much has been dissolved at a time and has come to flow where I was stuck before or could not / did not want to see. Already during the first session a lot within me relaxed, because it got seen and perceived lovingly (finally). Between the Skype sessions (Sat and Tues) I have felt Sandra`s presence lovingly with me, which really helped me to accept things. Now, a week later, I feel a lot lighter, clearer, a vague fear is gone and I can breathe better. But above all, things have shifted in my mind - I do not see myself as a victim anymore, and it is as if it is free around my head suddenly. In addition, for the first time, I really feel that it is possible for me to accept a certain, previously excluded part. It is flowing and still continuing to work. From the beginning, I felt fully understood and held by Sandra and did not have to hide or withhold a topic or thoughts. That was a big relief. 
It can be so easy. :-) Thank you"

"My Session with Sandra: I decided to have a session with Sandra because I was having a really tough time and she was very accommodation in organising it with me. During the session through Skype she made me really feel at ease and able to discuss what was going on and she felt like a true friend. I felt she could read my energy and situation extremely well and was able to feel into the essence of what was required at the time. After we spoke I went to lay down as she recommended to look after myself and get into a safe space where I would not be disturbed. I could really feel energies moving and shifting on a very visceral level. I was really astounded by the instantaneous effect the session had on my personal life. After a tough night of family drama I felt free from old agreements and old "karma". I can't thank Sandra enough for her facilitating the energy shift in my life. I will definitely have another session in future. Thank you so much to Sandra!"

"Sandra is a great therapist and life coach who intuitively seems to know what it is that you need to move in your life in order to realise your highest potential. She believes that everything you need to know is already within you. And yes that even includes the times when you are drowning in your darkest moment! She sees herself as just a reminder of the wisdom that you subconsciously already have inside you. That idea made me feel exceptionaly empowered and free to make my own choices...and all that before we even got started.

She also never seems to go through a session by a single approach or a linear method which makes every consult completely different. For her it is all about the experience that is needed and not necessarily the mental idea of what you think is needed.

Her coaching techniques range from personality type profiling, hollistic psychotherapy and NLP to working with crystals, meditation and the energetic body. Personally, I am not a big fan of too much spiritual techniques because they tend to get too floaty or ungrounded. Sandra, however, seems to be able to combine all of these techniques in such a fluid way, that whatever she does always feels very natural and approriate. 

She has a great sense of humor, is very grounded (read: not easily impressed by drama or spiritual bla bla) and has alot of practical suggestions that you can use daily in real world scenarios. It always feels like you are creating a safe space together with her.

I think she is one of the best coaches out there but if you want to get a feel for that yourself, go and meet her for a free coffee in her wonderful studio in Naarden or meet her online for a get-to-know-her!"



Sandra Roggermann calls herself an essence coach and SenseNavigator. She is a certified psychotherapy coach and energetic facilitator for over 10 years. Her way of coaching is intuitively individual. 

While she connects to the core self of her clients to bring more of their facets into their reality, she is extremely grounded in her approach. 

Sandra has created an international network for conscious people to inspire and co create and has hosted several events to bring like minded visionaries together. 


Contact her for a free consultation: