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Lumen Coaching

How to live nowadays? Not only survive but really be alive with all our senses?

We feel it’s time to create new ways that can support us and help us thrive in all ways of life. From the humans mental focus filled with doubt, fears and worry to the knowingness & intuition inside.

Coming from a coaching background we know and see what works and what doesn’t. That inspired us to create this whole new holistic approach to a healthy overall balance that is individual and matches all personality types.


Because we’re humans on this journey called life that are uniquely special in our expression and experience while we operate on so many more than just the linear level. 

We have to get out of the mind and tap into our senses. It’s like a muscle that hasn’t been in use for a long time. We all have it and we can learn to strengthen it and give it the voice that it deserves in our lives.


What Lumen Offers:

Lumen Coach Café

( 2 hours • Free of charge )

In our monthly online shows you can connect to Mary Beth Shewan and Sandra Roggermann. Let’s talk about new potentials of being in life & filling it with ease & grace. Come join us:
When: Dec 12, 2017 8:00 PM Amsterdam
Topic: Lumen Coach Café 

Register in advance for this webinar: 

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Two on one coaching

( 1-2 hours • Price varies )

Mary Beth Shewan and Sandra Roggermann facilitate these sessions with the essence & wisdom of their experiences in life & their 20 year + professional backgrounds. Are you ready to shift? Contact us!

Retreat - Facilitate the Facilitator "Life 2.0!"

( 5 days  • Price varies )


In our 5 day retreat we will enter new pathways of energy management. How can you help & support others in empathy without taking over the energies? How can you be there for you and learn to receive the love and support you are and give to others?

This retreat is for you if you are a facilitator, caretaker, caregiver, teacher, nurse, helper, supporter, mother/father, coach, team-manager, in short: if your daily task is to take care of others. You can only give if you are able to receive. So lean back and enjoy this retreat with valuable, healthy impulses and insights on how to manage and sustain your energy so that YOU thrive.

For those repeats, we will choose special hide away places and plan in extra pampering segments for you. All you need to do is receive!


Mary Beth Shewan

Mary Beth Shewan is an internationally well known consciousness teacher, Master business/career coach, and trainer and has developed several self awareness programs 


Her life’s work has centred on assisting others to awaken their gifts, talents, and personal Mastery.

Mary Beth has been coaching since 1997 and has more than 10,000 hours of experience.


Sandra Roggermann

Sandra Roggermann calls herself an essence coach and SenseNavigator. She is a certified psychotherapy coach and energetic facilitator for over 10 years. Her way of coaching is intuitively individual. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 09.37.33.png

While she connects to the core self of her clients to bring more of their facets into their reality, she is extremely grounded in her approach. 

Sandra has created an international network for conscious people to inspire and co create and has hosted several events to bring like minded visionaries together.


Whether you are an individual that choses some reflection, whether you want some help with developing a  great new idea or whether you run a business and want to take it to the next level, Both Mary Beth and Sandra are ready and excited to co-create new and fun ways to grow and expand beyond what the mind believes is possible.

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Playing with the senses, their realities and expressions has been a big part of both of our journeys lately and we can’t wait to share our experiences with you
— Sandra Roggermann & Mary Beth Shewan